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About Me

Elizna - About me I studied at an International Beauty school in South Africa. It was a two year full time course where we learned to do everything from waxing, body treatments, face treatments to manicures and pedicures. In my second year I specialized in Reflexology, diet and nutrition and body therapy but it was only after I opened my own salon in Knysna, South Africa and worked on the cruise ships that I realized I wanted to specialize in some other direction of beauty.

It took me a long time to find the right permanent make course where I felt confident that I will be able to give my clients the best advice, color mixing and naturally enhance the beauty that is within. It was in the same year 2007 after qualifying for permanent make-up that I found out about the semi-permanent lashes extensions by Xtreme Lashes®. After doing the course and my case studies I was certified in 2008 and have been doing lashes ever since.

In my salon I strive to give my clients the best, most professional treatments possible. I am lucky in the sense that I am blessed to have a heart that seemed to be made for doing beauty treatments. It is my hope that my clients will be filled with joy and a feeling of wellbeing after they leave the salon.

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